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New BARTON DNA Lineage II Line Leader

19 Oct 2017 3:36 PM | Gary M. Barton (Administrator)

We now have a "go to" person for this important lineage.  He is Joe Patrick Barton.  Look for his blog posts!


  • 19 Oct 2017 5:26 PM | Joseph Barton
    Thanks Gary. I the location where Thomas married Mary Glover.

    The exciting discovery other than this is there were several family member records were found. A record search shows that Thomas was baptised in Hadlow and between then and when he got married, he, and most likely his parents had resided in Sittingbourne according to LDS record. I hope those interested in Lineage II to help discuss our findings together. Joe
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    • 20 Apr 2018 11:56 AM | Joe
      Update on Thomas. After reviewing many wills from the Hadlow area Bartons, Thomas was not from Hadlow. There are a few wills left I have on order.
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