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Barton's are a friendly bunch.  We like to chat, eat, and research! We come from all over!  We're very social!

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President's Message

Thank you for the honor of serving you as the President of Barton Historical and Genealogical Society. This is an exciting time for us at BHGS. We have many opportunities on the horizon to move forward with our research into the history and genealogy of all Bartons.

With best regards,

Kathy Barton Gerwig, President

Annual Meeting  was March 26, 2022 –

10:00 A.M. EDT – Zoom

Gary's presentation is here

Terry's DNA presentation is here

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Top story

Cluster analysis of  Bartons reveals dozens of Clusters of Bartons    here

Our DNA Project

Our project is open to any male Barton or man believing that he is paternally descended from a Barton male.  We also welcome men who have already yDNA tested and are matching a Barton.

The Barton Historical & Genealogical Society has a special sponsorship program for Barton families who are not already known to be represented in the Barton DNA Project.   You may receive a 37 marker test for $100 or £75 or €85.  This is less than 2/3 of the regular project price.  Contact Terry Barton to confirm eligibility and make the arrangements.

Our project also welcomes Barton descendants (male and female) who don’t have Barton as a surname but who have done the autosomal DNA test – abbreviated as “atDNA” (called “Family Finder” at FTDNA).  We are “collecting” Barton descendants (120+ to date) who have done an atDNA test, waiting for the day when Analytic Tools become powerful enough for us to fully utilize their info.

Terry Barton

DNA Project Administrator

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